Order your Combi ticket for Desertfest Antwerp 2021:

2021 DF Antwerp Combi Ticket (15-17/10, 3 stages): €87,50 ALL-IN

Would you like to attend the new Desertfest Ghent edition?

Desertfest Ghent 2021

Important note regarding 2020 vouchers:

If you have a 2020 voucher, you can exchange your voucher for a 2021 DF Antwerp combi ticket, or demand a full refund of the amount you paid last year.

Redeem your ticket

Fill in the code on your voucher, and you're set! If you have vouchers for multiple tickets, you'll have to redeem the separate codes.

The voucher is only valid for this year's Antwerp edition. It can NOT be used to purchase a ticket for the Ghent event.

Claim your refund

Would you rather have a total refund of your money? Not a problem!

Provide us with the required info. Your money will be refunded to your account in August 2021.

You have until 23/07 at 2pm CET to claim your ticket or your money. Please note that doing nothing will result in receiving nothing, so make sure to follow the steps necessary to get what you want (such is the game of life)!

Any questions regarding the ticket procedure? Please contact us at tickets@desertfest.be

Now for some bad news: we are looking at a much more ambitious DF edition in 2022, and this will be reflected in our ticket formula. So unfortunately we can no longer keep the vouchers valid for the 2022 edition. We apologize for this inconvenience, but a refund + ticket order next year should resolve this problem for you.

So to be extra clear: if you can't make it this year, make sure to request a total refund!