People of Desertfest,


We were really psyched about the artwork that was designed for this year's edition by Piotr W. Osburne, and it would be a pity to let his creative work completely go to waste following the cancellation.


And so we have decided to print up a batch of merch with the design, as a souvenir from 'The Lost Festival'. Head over to our website to find our beautiful t-shirt models in different sizes (including women tees) and colours, as well as a kick-ass full colour poster print. Both come at the democratic price of €20. 


In addition we have filled up our fresh webshop with all kinds of tees, prints and other merch from the previous years. So if you missed out the first time around, or you want to add to your collection, here's your chance! You'll get a quality piece of merch and support the DF crew in one go. Sounds like a great deal, no?


Get to the shop and start browsing:


Kind regards,

The Desertfest Belgium crew