Nearly there folks.. hot on the heels of our previous announcement we have another sextet of heavweight champs for ya!


And what an eclectic and international bunch it is... from Berlin by way of Stockholm we have the occult songstress doom of Lucifer. Italy is represented by the heavy reefer sound of Tons and the wandering progsters called Mr. Bison.


Do you like your rock beer-soaked, petrol-fueled and cool-as-freck? Plainride says ‘say no more’ and comes barrelin’ in on the dopest cycle you’ve ever seen. For more of that classic rock with just a bit more of ‘class’, we have London’s Steak who will present their new album ‘Acute Mania’.


And of course, we can’t forget the local talent... hyped up in the underground for quite some time is Ghent’s very own Pink Room who will twist your expectations of garage punk beyond belief!


Only one batch of names remaining, can you feel the tension in the air? Yes, that’s the Fest revving up for deployment come October! If you’ve got your tickets, just hang tight. If you don’t, just hang tight AND order yours from the sprawling menu on our TICKET PAGE!