Hi there Desertheads


It’s getting hotter and hotter by the day as DF23 approaches faster and faster. 


High time for some practical info:


Here you can find out how to get to the fest. 


And here is some practical info on how everything works inside the venue:



This one is quite simple: Trix tokens will buy you all the food and drinks you want (or can afford). You can buy them at several token booths in the venue at a standard price of €3 per token.


IMPORTANT BIT: There is NO CASH POINT present in the merch space. You can pay cashless at several merch stands, but not at every stand! So if you want to grab that spiffy Dopelord shirt, make sure you also have some extra cash in your back pocket. You can find several ATM's at the Turnhoutsebaan, which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the venue.



The doors of Desertfest open at 17h30 on Friday, and 14h30 on Saturday and Sunday. Closing time is 02h30 on Friday and Sunday. The doors close at 3h00 on Saturday. The food yard trucks stop serving food at 00h30. The courtyard will close each night at 01h00


Getting hungry and thirsty already? So are we! 


See y'all soon! πŸ€˜


The DF-team